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  Fergus Randolph and Jonathan Davey

Guide to the Commercial Agents' Regulations

272 страниц. 2011 год.
The Directive on self employed commercial agents and the UK Regulations springing from it,have resulted in a large amount of case law since the First Edition of this work was prepared. As Jonathan Davey and Fergus Randolph predicted in their First Edition, much of this case law is unsatisfactory or self contradictory. They have attempted, in this Second Edition, to draw the consistent threads out of the case law to date and to predict the likely approach of the courts, both at UK and EU level, to those issues which still remain undecided. The approach adopted in the First Edition, of tackling difficult issues head on and suggesting practical answers to practitioners, has been carried through into the Second Edition. As well as including references to all the relevant cases in the text, the work now includes chapters dealing specifically with the French and German law in this area, given that many judges have shown themselves willing to take into account the approach in other...
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