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  Hanns Peter Nehl

Principles of Administrative Procedure in EC Law

256 страниц. 2011 год.
This book presents an analysis of the recent development of administrative procedures in EC law. It is a pathbreaking study of what might be termed the “constitutionalising norms” now emerging,including a range of ‘process rights’ and procedural standards, such as the right to access to information, the right to be heard, the principle of care and duty to state reasons. These new standards are increasingly applied in areas as diverse as competition, State aids, customs matters, anti-dumping and the European Social Fund. Different strands of case-law of the EC courts are thus connected to document the overall evolution of procedural rules peculiar to the EC administrative system as a whole. The author adopts a critical stance, in particular, towards the case-law of the Court of First Instance and points out the increasing pressure being brought to bear on the European Commission in respect of its procedural requirements. Particular emphasis is placed on the concept of ‘care’, i.e....
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