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  Tex Hill

Law of the Sixgun

264 страниц. 2011 год.
A tale of two brave men and the women who love them. One searching for justice. The other seeking redemption for a life of violence. Clay Broderick goes to find his father's murderer. He is hired as the town marshal, which constrains him to stay within the law. The three Manning brothers, Carl: the scheming, ruthless leader, Tom: who willingly follows orders, and Jesse: a vicious killer, will stop at nothing to prevent Clay from discovering the truth. When they find out that Clay is too tough to be handled by their men, the Mannings send for the Rio Kid, the most dangerous gunfighter in the West. As the characters move toward an inevitable, tragic conclusion, each must deal with their personal demons, the women who love them and a secret past that must be resolved by the Law of the Sixgun!
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