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  M. L. Childs

The Vital Sacrifice (Volume 1)

166 страниц. 2011 год.
Teresa McMillan is a world renowned opera singer with class, grace, style, and most importantly, good common sense. Her perfect little world of glass built upon sound rational decision-making is about to be shattered when a gentleman, by the name Ali bin Abdur Rahman, enters her life. She is the object of his desire but the strong feelings that he is developing for her is forbidden by the Order of the Legions of Solomon’s Temple – a cult that has kept him alive for the past 8 centuries. Ali is enamored with Teresa McMillan because she resembles a woman whom he fell in love with in 16th century Spain – Teresa Bellisima. Just as their love affair brews, so does Teresa’s fear and mistrust of him. Her fear and mistrust of this profoundly provocative semi-immortal man catalyzes her delusional state of mind and weaves together an intricate tale of deception and sacrifice. Ali has to make a decision - Teresa or the Brotherhood. Which will it be? Find out in this powerfully...
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