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  Nic Hamilton

Dead Men's Tales

370 страниц. 2011 год.
Ben Strickland is a disgruntled factory worker whose life is going down the tubes before his eyes. He dreams of becoming a successful writer, but when fortune finally smiles upon him, it comes at a cost. The secret of his success? Murder. Dead Mena??s Tales is a 92,000 word novel, the story of Ben Stricklanda??s transformation from a lowly machine operator to a critically acclaimed writer. Simultaneously, it is the story of his transformation from a surly blue collar worker to a deranged sociopath. One day, when Bena??s frustrations at the factory where he works finally boil over and he snaps on a co-worker, he is forced into therapy at his employera??s insistence. There, he is prescribed a relatively new mood-altering drug. This drug, combined with painkillers and his typical over-indulgence of alcohol, causes Ben to have hallucinations-- namely, his dog, Bruno, begins speaking to him and suggesting that he commit murder. In a blackout, Ben does just this and to his...
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