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  Ted Riese

A Billings Murder Mystery

238 страниц. 2011 год.
History meets imagination in this gripping account of murder on a dark, icy street in busy Billings, Montana, in 1945. Who killed the prominent businessman outside his downtown apartment on that February night? Was it his battered wife? His betrayed lover? His bitter father-in-law? Or was ita?¦? The list of suspects lengthens by the hour. Join lawyer-detective Jim Clayborn as he bravely struggles against his disability to solve the mystery behind this brutal killinga?¦only to end up in a daunting defense of the crimea??s most likely suspect. And join author Ted Riese as he probes some painful childhood memories, and remembers some childhood heroes, in this semi-autobiographical novel of lust, violence and persecution tempered by love, faith and perseverance in this heartland city of the upper Midwest.
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