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  Dr Robert James

South East Sometime: A novel

386 страниц. 2011 год.
A Panoramic Novel About A Very Possible Future Set a hundred years after civilization as we know it has been obliterated, this is the story of two powerful and farsighted men, who each created their own brand of post apocalyptic dynasties. But their sheer grit and overpowering personalities forged very different kinds of societies, ones which were destined to come into conflict with each other, not to mention their now-majority indigenous ‘landlords’, the Goodfella. Though their descendants totally believe their false versions of history, when young James, the great grandson of one, and Wendy, the great granddaughter of the other, finally come face to face, it is an event which heralds a new era for the whole region. But with the truth so distorted and entangled with outright lies, both are caught up in their own families’ webs of deceit. Yet, when the specter of war and outright annihilation looms, everything changes. Despite their historical antagonism, the small and very...
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