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  Jay M Horne


146 страниц. 2011 год.
A man wakens in an amazonian jungle, somewhere in Africa, most likely a tourist's trail of sorts. He's wearing a clean 1,800 dollar sweatsuit and an oddly out of place pair of ruffed up, rugged sandals. He stands up to recall how he got here, remembering that he had a digenerative gene passed on to him from his father that was most likely to cause alzheimer's. He also remembers the last time he was in a public place and watched, matter of factly, when the latest discovery was announced on the news, alchohol is the leading cause of alzheimers. The man wonders how long he'd been boozing this time, he is obviously worth millions from the clothes he has on. The money from a trust fund, a few million dollars, enough to do whatever the hell he wanted. An adventurer is what he had always wanted to be, he just never figured he'd end up more of a drunk than an adventurer. What's more fun than exploring the world while you're wasted! This time though he'd done it. He leans up against...
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