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  Mary Sisson

Trang (large-print edition): Book 1 of the exciting Trang series!

796 страниц. 2011 год.
Trang is an exciting science fiction tale of aliens, prophecies and inexplicable "scientific" phenomena! Follow the adventures of Philippe Trang, the first human diplomat to travel to an alien station! Watch him try valiantly to keep everyone from killing each other (not to mention him), with mixed success! A delightful blend of comedy, action and really, really bad language, Trang is sure to appeal to to fans of Lois McMasters Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga and Charles Stross’ Laundry Files novels—at least those fans who can tolerate really, really bad language. This large print edition features 18-pt. san serif type (Arial), 22-pt. leading, block paragraphs, no word breaks, black print on white paper, and 1-inch margins. FROM THE BACK JACKET The year is 2118, and five years before a mysterious portal opened near Titan, connecting human to an alien station outside the Milky Way. Earth is finally ready to send its first diplomatic mission to the aliens—or so hope Philippe Trang,...
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