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  P.J. Thomas

Gert's Book of Knowledge

100 страниц. 2011 год.
Gert's Book of Knowledge is a journey into insanity, pop religion and a woman's quest for truth. Professor Gertrude Principe loses her marbles, receives shock treatment and is never quite the same. She writes a book of knowledge that gains a large cult following. In her travels promoting her book, Gert is asked to be Head of the Starlight Church, a collection of feel-good ideologies brought together by a group of luminous cats. Narrated by her scribe and admirer, Johnny, Gert's Book of Knowledge is a wild ride through the turbulent waters of pop religion, psychiatry and rock'n'roll. It is written with great warmth and humor as we take a ride in Gert's leaky vessel. P.J. Thomas' writing had been compared to Camille Paglia, Ken Kesey, Ram Dass, William S. Burroughs and Graham Greene. Gert's Book of Knowledge is Canadian writer P.J. Thomas' second novel. Her first book, Almost Up and Down, was taught at the University of Calgary. The Peterborough Examiner wrote of Amost Up and Down that...
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