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  Josh Jones, Benny Jones

Something to read while the women of this world pass you by

192 страниц. 2011 год.
'Something to read while the women of this world pass you by' tells the story of Sourires, a dejected younger brother from a family of high achievers. Sourires is attempting to crawl out of the shadow of his older brother Pau, who is a famous novelist and philosopher, by writing a book of his own. Sourires begins to write abstract short stories detailing the pain of the working class. He develops a reputation among the art crowd but ultimately finds them to be as empty and hopeless as the capitalists he has always despised. Sourires clearly sees the hollowness in many different life paths. Through his writings, relationships and attempts to become a great writer, Sourires highlights the frustration of a person trying to find meaning in a world which appears transparently plastic. The style of the book is gritty and hard-edge. The description of Sourires' daily life is somewhat akin to the style of Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson. As a literary device, substantial extracts...
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