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  Michael Mayhem

Momma Boy

374 страниц. 2011 год.
The Black Illuminati is real if you don't believe... ...ask Jamal When twenty- four year old Jamal Hopkins lost his mother to breast cancer.... ...it was like he lost his soul. Virginia Hopkins raised her son the best way she could. Now it's up to Jamal to find his way in this cold world alone, or fall victim to the deadly turmoil of Essex County, New Jersey. And the underground society known as the Black Illuminati. The chances of Jamal leading a normal life becomes bleak, thanks to a local degenerate by the name of Khalif. Influenced by the excitment of money, cars and irresistible women, Jamal soon realizes that being the amicable young man his mother wanted him to be may no longer be an option. Murder, rape, money and mayhem become the norm as Jamal travels the toxic underground world of New Jerusalem in search of a new life. But will this new life lead to his death? Or will this quiet suburban momma boy show the other side what he's really made of? Only...
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