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  J. D. Sandford

Demons' Rising: The Dead World Series (Volume 1)

200 страниц. 2011 год.
Immal, a great expanse of land, is under constant threat. The un-natural beings aptly named the Hunters stalk its wide forests and hidden towns, searching for thier prey. Once captured they will endure a short life full of agony. A past is kept hidden from a young woman by the name of Peppa, her sanity is tested to the limit as she searches for answers and long lost friends. Whereas Wolf, an outcast from her shifter tribe, remembers all too well the suffering she has caused to those she loves. Can thier new friendship endure all that they will become? Can they stop the Hunters from breaking through the portal realm and destroying the human world they have grown to love? Joined by Brutus, kept as a slave by the Hunters, and the gentle Tamanan, both girls must stop themselves from changing... The first book in The Dead World Series.
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