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  Danny A. Dunn

Night of the Dozer (The Legend of Navajo Jim)

170 страниц. 2011 год.
New Mexico, 1887: a??You, bearded one who wears the silver star, I will come again from the Earth like the spinning wind on the prairie sands, When the Moon is full I will ride an iron pony and wipe away your town! Then you and all your kin will know death! You will see! The dirt beneath your feet is cursed. This trail will carry the mark of he who sits in fire." Then he shook his head violently rolling his eyes. Speaking in the Navajo language, he cursed them with many more words. Having heard enough of his loud mouth ramblings, the sheriff spat tobacco and slapped Jim's horse on the hindquarter and then at the tender age of 22 notorious Navajo Jim died at the end of a rope. New Mexico, 1981 - 94 years later: a??We're losing, Tom. I don't know how to stop 49 tons of demon possessed steel, do you?a??
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