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  Sherry Hiriart

Vampire Bites Trilogy

170 страниц. 2011 год.
Can Vampires Exist? Is the mystical creature of the night alive and living in our midst? Three women are about to find out. A Bonding Ritual: Lacy McKnight looked down past her full breast to the roundness of her belly and the width of her hips. Ughh ... how did she get so fat? She hadn't always been this plump, but the last two years had taken their toll and the donut had become her friend, possibly her best friend. Now, she was determined to get into shape, regain her self esteem, and find a man to love. Even if it meant spending a week at fat camp and conquering her worst fears: heights, spiders, snakes and salad! A man of her own would make everything worthwhile. But what if he wasn't the man of her dreams? Love Bites: Even as a child, Keely Masters was never afraid of monsters. No bogeyman ever lived under her bed, and she didn't fear things that went bump in the night. But things changed. At 28, she learned to fear the darkness, and then the daylight. For not everyone...
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