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  Crawford Hollingworth

GOD Inc.: Global Over Development Inc. Annual Report 2011

220 страниц. 2011 год.
About GOD! Better known as the Annual Report for Global Over Development Inc 2011, GOD is a satirical compendium of cutting edge facts and statistics about the side effects of global progress. Side effects which seem to have the potential either to destroy the world or unite it against GOD. In essence, GOD is about the paradox of progress! The report celebrates the achievement of seven sub companies run by seven creepy and malevolent CEOs [our very own seven deadly sins] who answer to 'Peter Progress', a diabolical Executive Chairman of GOD. Their areas of expertise are: the destruction of ecosystem, dividing the world, addicting everyone to sex and drugs, making privacy a thing of the past, drowning the earth in waste, making people FAT and cramming so many citizens into urban space that the infrastructure goes into meltdown!. Read GOD for a provocative and entertaining journey to the dark side of progress and beyond. Over 200 pages packed with the most authoritative facts and...
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