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  B K Showalter

Cash Scow

472 страниц. 2011 год.
When a??Chiefa?? Whitehorse musters out of the Navy, he buys a vessel suited for sport-fishing and whale watching charters. In memory of a Dear John letter writer, he names the boat a??Squaw.a?? After money needs lead Whitehorse into "running" marijuana for a drug cartel, the cartela??s boss, Ramon Norbierto, sends him to sea with a load of dirty cash and instructions to make a mid-ocean rendezvous with another vessel. Things go horribly wrong. Whitehorse abandons his boat and the cartela??s cash. Certain that Norbierto will blame him for the money loss Whitehorse flees. Eventually he makes his way back to the west coast and settles in the town of Brookings, Oregon. There, with the able assistance of a cadre of new friends, Marvella Hooker, Arvin Fogle, and Jane Boxer, he sets up a scam that will free him from further threats. His plans incorporate the drug-dispensing skills of a leftover hippie from the Age of Aquarius, alerts mailed to a regional drug taskforce, and a banker...
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