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  Ana Claudia Antunes

Out Of The Blue: A Lonely Ride in Outer Space (Volume 1)

192 страниц. 2011 год.
A High Tech Science Fiction, "Out of the Blue" takes place in a virtual future where there is no water, not from a clean source available on planet Earth. NASA then sends some special skilled people to the outer space in search for life outside the planet blue. The only thing is that in the future all is controlled by robots. So how to escape from a net of virtual data when someone is already tangled as an artificial intelligence? What would happen if our Planet ran out of clean water? We would certainly need to find other ways to get access to drinking the most vital ingredient on life. Ann's crush, an astronaut, turns her life upside down when he gets involved into a potentially dangerous mission: To go find life elsewhere in outer space. The protagonist then finds herself in a crucial dilemma. Would she cherish her life or would she take a huge step and risk her soul when or if she follows the man of her dreams traveling to one of the most inhospitable places out of the Earth to...
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