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  Conrad Blomberg

Siam and The Golden Book: Siam - Mistress of Enchantment (Volume 2)

362 страниц. 2011 год.
This is an exciting, adventure/fantasy book about Siam and her search for "The Golden Book" Siam and her Singing Sword are faced with many dangerous situations and many threatening people. She fights battles and uses her Singing Sword to great advantage. (And great reading fun for you.) Her leadership qualities are appreciated by girls and the action scenes appeal to boys. Girls like this book a lot because it shows them a female who is a strong and wise leader . . . and one who wins over adversity. Siam's many talking animal friends are featured. They include Tyso, the great white stallion with the black mane and tail. And, also,Eraba the shape shifter who can change from a wolf/leopard to a leopard/wolf in an instant --- she is a fierce competitor in a fight and one of Siam's great animal friends. How does Siam find The Golden Book? Read this exciting story and find out. Students in 3 schools who heard portions of this book read to them were wildly...
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