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  Jeremy Aldana

Boys Will Be Boys

310 страниц. 2011 год.
‘The Boys’ never had it easy and struggled to find a way to navigate in a world that seemed against them. Whether it was Joey, losing his family in a car accident or Jack, whose father abused him, the boys knew they had to stick together if they were to survive their adolescence. However, after Cindy and her brother Jimmy moved into the neighborhood, the boys learned that they could never go back to the way life was before Jack, the troubled rebel; Paul, the goofball; Mark, the overachiever; Andy, the brainiac; and Brad, the peacemaker make up Joey’s best friends and the group they call ‘the boys’. “We tried being kids while we were forced to be young adults and that’s when problems happened, cause no one taught us how to be adults.” ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is a dynamic coming of age story about the ‘Human Condition’, set in the mid 90’s, that captures the essence of growing up in America.
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