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  Rebecca Lillian Pittman

Amadea: Tragedies & Tribulations vs Love & Heroism (Volume 1)

250 страниц. 2011 год.
Amadea Harveer is an awkward, clumsy, but intelligent, beautiful, and innocent 22-year-old college grad trying to balance her relationships, while fighting the evils of the world, and enjoying her many blessings. Amadea is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Her father, Edsel, is a respected judge and sends her on a summer vacation with her two best friends, hoping to keep them safe from the evils of the world while still exposing them to happiness and tragedy in a controlled environment. They travel to romantic Paris where they make new friends and learn first hand about love and intimacy. Their friendship is tested when unexpected circumstances arise. Amadea must learn what true forgiveness is about. Her ideals of love and forgiveness are put to the test throughout their trip. Once they leave Paris they head to Israel to visit Amadea’s brother John, who is a Baptist minister in Jerusalem. They stay with John and his family and make a surprise visit to the Dead Sea. Amadea loves...
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