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  Zan McDowell

Rambling Poets at Cafe Cyber: Poetic Conversations (Volume 1)

286 страниц. 2011 год.
This book is a collection of poems posted in cyberspace over eight months by Quenntis Ashby, Margaret Callow, Dawn Evans, William Holt, Zan McDowell, Mary Linda Miller and Ashen Venema (domiciled in Taiwan, England, South Africa, the USA and Barbados), all part of a unique poetic conversation on a writera??s website. The thread on which the poems were posted received over 26,000 views during its brief life, influencing the poets to publish this in order to make their poetry accessible to a wider audience. They may very well represent the root of a new imagistic movement within the global community a?? linked through technology where meaningful connections could be made, like-minded souls and friends-to-be, thousands of miles apart who had never met and probably would never meet, would move each other to create a new kind of sentimentalism that crosses oceans and mountains and barriers of sex, race, nationality, culture, education and class to create a modern representation of a...
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