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  Toye Smith

The Brewer

404 страниц. 2011 год.
THE BREWER is a heart-stopping, conspiracy ridden thriller novel, full of twists and turns that takes the reader on a wild ride journey around the world; from the Gulf of Aden, to suburban Alaska, to Hong Kong, and even the White House. This story, masterfully written by author Toye Smith is bound to knock your socks off! Meet Ramsey, a wet behind the ears Somali Pirate who cana??t seem to ever catch a break. Under direct orders from a Somali underworld boss, known as the rabbit, Ramsey and his fellow accomplices attack a U.S flagged cargo ship off the Gulf of Aden. They take the crew members hostage and send out a ransom demand. Moments later, the hijacked ship is attacked by Al-Shabaab fighters... sworn enemies of the United States. They issue a new list of demands, and an ultimatum to the American people... and these demands have nothing to do with money. In this sudden twist of fate, Ramsey finds the tables turned against him. The time is ticking. The stakeholders come to...
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