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  Guy Nair

The Vulcan Precept

238 страниц. 2011 год.
Already the recipient of two awards, this novel is an international espionage adventure with an a??Orwelliana?? twist that will dwell on your conscience long after you have put it down. The Vulcan Precept charms readers with its old-fashioned notions of espionage, romance, and intrigue, but the authora??s comprehensive grasp of modern technology and his clear perception of geo-politics, is what makes the novel freshly contemporary. This page-turner narrates the adventures of rookie CIA agent Jenny Peters, and her former college friend-turned-foreign politician, Kris Menon, as they attempt to escape certain death. Thought-provoking, the novel is a complex plot of conspiracy with shades of Ludlum and Forsyth. Peters is initially handpicked by a joint intelligence taskforce to pry a??classified secrets,a?? that threaten national security, from Menon. Instead, she finds herself immersed in a web of conspiracies involving a secret ultra-right organization, an al-Qaeda plot to...
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