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  Earl Ronneberg

A Love Affair With Flowers Fair

252 страниц. 2011 год.
A Love Affair With Flowers Fair is a book of 365 poems, mostly sonnets, culled from over 500 poems, and organized by assigning each to an appropriate day of the year. Organized in monthly groups, readers will recognize natural themes -- such as wildflowers, the seasons, plants, and birds -- within the month appropriate to their inspiration and genesis. The forest and shores of Lake Michigan, and Bass Lake, north of Pentwater, Michigan, together with the nine mile path along Lake Michigan between Hyde Park and Chicago's downtown, are the locales. The words of one early reader who expressed great joy, and thanks for the common vision he shared with the writer, were as follows; "You have articulated in poetic forms so many of the impressions and experiences that suggest themselves when I am busy in my conifertum on the shore of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin." Another woman wrote the author several times, over the course of as many years, to express her thanks. Although not...
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