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  A.K. Forest

Time Struggle 1: The Wolves of Odin (Volume 1)

216 страниц. 2011 год.
Can Holly and her friends stop the sinister Dr. Hardcastle from conquering the world? Time Struggle is a riveting new adventure series about the History Wars, a battle between those who want to change the past for their own evil purposes and those who try to stop them. Holly has a rare mental ability enabling her to travel in time, and is chosen as part of an elite action team, along with Aldo, Wolf, and super-nerd Rubrik. Their adventures lead from the bleak Icelandic outback to the troll-haunted forests of Norway, and even as far as Asgard, the land of the Norse gods. Chased by warriors, dwarfs and giants, the four must find a way to undo the time crime of Dr. Hardcastle then somehow return to the present. It certainly won't be easya?¦ This exciting, action-packed adventure is suitable for readers aged 10 to adult.
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