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  Carol Gambill

Brannigan's War (Breaking Out Series, Book 3)

302 страниц. 2011 год.
Corporal Mitch Brannigan was always one to fight his way through life’s obstacles, and being injured in Iraq was only one more hardship to conquer. Now home in the States, he realizes it is one thing to return from war and feel its affects, but it’s another to accept defeat. He must fight to overcome the denunciation and pain that comes with being a U.S. Veteran—and to fulfill a promise between comrades. As Brannigan begins to believe that his share of strife is behind him, his dutiful mission stations him directly in Emily Billings’ life. Emily proves to be a battle of sheer will and critical emotions, as the turmoil of losing her brother causes her to resent everything Mitch Brannigan stands for—but even that doesn’t deter Brannigan from carrying out his pledge. His fighting spirit—or is it arrogance?— is clearly behind him every step of the way, but little does he know that one little promise is about to be his biggest battle yet.
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