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  J D Moores

No Peace In Time: Introducing "BC" Cain

356 страниц. 2011 год.
In 1991, "BC" Cain returns from the Gulf War a bitter young man, hiding from his religious family and drinking away his bad memories. Yet, an eccentric middle-aged neighbor wants Cain to help unravel the alleged-conspiracy behind his murdered girlfriend, claimed to be buried on their apartment building's grounds! Meanwhile, Cain meets Evelyn Joyce, a fiery young lady so determined to get her new friend clean and sober that she convinces her ex-cop father to help them unravel the mystery and discover the terrifying truth behind Cain's neighbor and the history-laden Atwater Apartment building. Check out this exciting first novel by author JD Moores and be introduced to a new kind of hero-in-waiting: Billy-Ray Charles Cain!
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