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  Ralph Ginn

Clover Fields

352 страниц. 2011 год.
Thomas Canary, war-hero and third grade teacher, kills the man who had raped and murdered his wife; in a conference room of the Peoria County court house. He flees across the country accompanied by a nineteen year old girl he kidnapped to give himself anonymity. In the mountains of Colorado she falls in love with her captor, and launches a wildly successful country music career on karaoke night in a sports bar A parallel story begins at the Marshall County Airport in Illinois with the departure of a single engine Cessna carrying a drug dealer, his grifter girl friend, and Billy Bascomb, an overthe- hill country singer with a whiskey ruined voice. The two tales converge in a cold blast of bullets witnessed only by a jay perched atop a tall pine in a mountain snowfield.
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