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  Robert B Hazelton

The Entropy Initiative

330 страниц. 2011 год.
In the near future an inept US government plays second fiddle to powerful corporations. As these entities battle for profits, a small group of special individuals wage war for the human soul. Mia Ambrose lives a simple life with complicated hobbies. By day, she works at a gourmet chocolate shop, making deliveries to the financially elite. At night, she indulges her daredevil side by pulling off wild heists from these same customers. Sebastian Harris is a displaced soldier. Betrayed and hunted by his country, he found solace in the employ of a major corporation as a hired gun. One of the best in the business, he has no idea that his elite govermnet training had nothing to do with counter-terrorism. They might never have met without the machinations of a mysterious man nudging them in the right direction. Brought together as uneasy partners, they learn that monsters are very real and only a small few stand between the world and total havoc. But it may be too late.
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