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  Vendetta Lee


176 страниц. 2011 год.
Adrien knew Ash could not speak, but interpreted Ash’s guttural clearly enough. “Look, I know it sucks, but this is what you have. I just need to know, before you lose your shit completely, do you want me to move out of the way?” And clear a path straight for the boy’s throat, is what that meant. Ash surprised himself by shaking his head. He had no idea that he had an opinion on the matter. Adrien smiled, then, and nodded. He eased up a little closer to Ash and pulled out the pocket knife he carried. He held it over his arm and spoke, as if to wind up his courage. “Don’t think I don’t know how fucked up this could end. I’m cutting so you don’t get sidetracked on your way here. I also want you to know, no matter what happens to me, this was the choice I wanted you to make. Not that I want to die, mind you. Just that I’d rather take the bullet on this one, no matter what a smartass punk he is.” Something in the way he was speaking had Ash thinking Adrien was pretty sure he wasn’t...
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