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  Michel Muszynski

Interactive business simulations e-learning and more

46 страниц. 2011 год.
Certainly, the best method for discovering the principles of business management is owning a company. Unfortunately this can be very expensive and even dangerous. And, since using any actual corporation for running didactic experiences is impossible, in schools of management a common practice are instead computer simulations. Thanks to their interactivity they allow learning business in a very practical and close to the real context manner. Simulations are now used not only in academic institutions. There are many of them in schools and they are also applied as tools in e-learning sessions for company employees, in recruitment process and even in consulting companies. Why they are so popular? Are they really efficient? Are they all the same? And how to build them? This practice oriented publication is illustrated with 12 examples as well as with a ready to use business game to download from the Web. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Chapter 1: SIMULATIONS IN SCHOOL 1.1 Competitive...
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