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  Elias Sassoon

Oriental Cover-Up: A Novel

188 страниц. 2011 год.
What you hold in your hands dear readers is a book written by an author, a writer, a newspaper reporter. I am that person, who is better known in literally circles as the ghost writer of the stars. This book begins and ends on this one extraordinary night, a night like no others. The night was the one I got the biggest exclusive of my career. It is a story which centers around one man, Joseph Kabir. He is the same man who has committed the greatest crime of this century. But you are puzzled! You have never heard of a Joseph Kabir. There’s a reason for that. The story was never released, that is, until today with the publication of this book. Kabir, who was he? How do I describe him? Impossible. I cannot begin to understand how the mind of that lunatic works. A complete puzzle, that’s him, a man who exists as a riddle to be understood only by those who deal in riddles. The night of his crime when Kabir was captured, I was there. For some reason I do not understand, I was singled out...
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