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  Dr. Gene Paolucci

Rescue: The Eddie and Fazio Chronicles

284 страниц. 2011 год.
Eddie Palumbo is a practicing psychologist who leads two lives. From all appearances, he is a family man, teacher, and psychotherapist who lives on Long Island with his wife Mary, their two kids, and their dog, Sunny. However, Eddie has another life. He is a private investigator who travels around the country with his partner, Nick Fazio, rescuing kids who have been kidnapped and sold to drug dealers and pedophiles. To date, they have rescued nineteen children and returned them safely to their families. Their latest case involves searching for twin thirteen year old girls who were kidnapped in broad daylight off the streets of Englewood, New Jersey. Eddie and Fazio search New Jersey's city streets and the seedy underbelly of Atlantic City's drug and prostitute trade. Their efforts pay off and they trace the girls to a remote chicken ranch in the hills outside of Las Vegas. They enlist the services of Fazio's former girlfriend, Darlene Dupree, who runs a security firm in...
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