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  John D Mimms

The Great Keep Trilogy Volume 1: Into the Breach

304 страниц. 2011 год.
The Great Keep, Volume 1: Into the Breach is the first volume in a trilogy chronicling the journey of Thurman Tyler, an Army Air Corps pilot that is blown from his B-17 bomber on his first mission of World War II. As he plummets from the sky he is mysteriously snatched out of mid air by a strange light. He wakes up in another realm of existence, known as Arpastian, without any memory of his life. Thurman is thrust into a quest to find and defend the Great Keep; which is believed to house a great army and is the hub of all known realms of existence. He soon discovers his true origins and his unique destiny. He encounters many things in his journey that we consider to be paranormal but are quite ordinary for Arpastian. Aided by strange but loyal allies, he must contend with an evil force that is at work in Arpastian and his own realm to control the Great Keep and thus control everything. The trilogy is complete with the remaining two books releasing shortly. Together they tell the...
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