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  Joshua Dunkley

The Savage Queen

398 страниц. 2011 год.
An uneasy peace is shattered when the long dormant alfin again invade human lands. War engulfs every human country across the continent, throwing people from every walk of life into a conflict that threatens them all. As kingdoms fall and borders fail, a group of survivors struggle to fight back against invasion; meanwhile, a shadowy evil stirs, walking the earth with mysterious purpose, and a threat towards the destruction of everything. Jair is a slave on an alfin farm. After murdering one of his captors in retribution for cruel crimes against his family, he is forced to flee; instead of wondering what the world outside is like, he has no choice but to see it for himself. New to a world now at war, Jair struggles to find his place, even as something inside him awakens. He begins to wonder who --or what -- he really is. King Ederick is the ruler of a nation under siege. He is faced with the horror that there is no stopping the alfin advance; he maneuvers to save what family he...
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