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  James Nathan Post

King's Knight -- A Science-Fiction Anthology

226 страниц. 2011 год.
Do you ever feel there is more going on in your life than you are permitted to know? Kinga??s Knight is a still-prophetic novel about a Chessman with no memory of any other life, struggling with his suspicion there is more to his world than the chessboard, and the void in which is is suspended. Having much in common with such film stories about life in a virtual world as Tron, Logana??s Run, and Matrix, it was written in 1971, predating them. Every day, more and more of it is coming true. From the beginning of cyber-telempathy in a 1965 grad studenta??s basement lab in The Twelve-Volt Casanova, to the man who steals a remotely operated genetically bred a??gnomea?? to commit a crime in Master Of The Gnomes, to the guy who hates his nice safe job flying fighter planes, to the mother who wants to have her baby again and again, these are humorous, exciting, and sometimes provocative visions of what might have been, and yet may be.
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