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  Ms Mary H Collins

Werewolves on Mission Ridge: A Novel (Volume 1)

140 страниц. 2011 год.
Four couples camp out in a "haunted house" on a dare. Jade is devastated when her boyfriend Conner goes outside and doesn't return. Two others go looking for him, and, like Conner, they never come back. Scared, the remaining five leave Mission Ridge, going home. That night, Conner mysteriously gets inside Jade's bedroom with the doors and windows locked. However, she enjoys his new love making technique. He returns every night, they make love, yet when she wakes up...he's gone. Soon she finds out she's pregnant. Nine months later, Conner gets into her hospital room, unseen by staff, and takes Jade and his new-born son out. Jade wakes up in a den with creatures...half human-half wolf. The trouble begins when Jade decides she's not happy and seeks help to cure the curse.
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