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  William Barrett Burton

Ockham's Razor: 2nd Edition

412 страниц. 2011 год.
2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA); Quarter Finalist Dagney Hamilton, a pharmaceutical scientist, leads a team of researchers working to create a promising new drug therapy to stem the mounting tide of obesity. When her employer, in a sudden and unexplained announcement, cancels the project, she suspects foul play and finds herself swept up in a tornado of powerful, unseen forces. A rash of mysterious, but seemingly unrelated, deaths of those associated with the project soon follows. She unravels the mystery, discovering that a beneficial side effect of the drug threatens the profits and political interests of the multi-billion dollar fast food industry including its powerful agribusiness supply chain. With billions of dollars and a presidential re-election at stake, big business, big politics, and big money will stop at nothinga??including murdera??to protect their interests. As a decorated police detective in a prior career, Dagney cannot be bribed, threatened or...
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