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  Richard Roche

The Romanian Connection: A Spy Romance Novel

346 страниц. 2011 год.
After the senseless deaths of his wife and teenage daughter, American Intelligence Analyst Jack Hollingsworth returns to Romania to help the CIA find five missing Scaleboard missiles and to personally find the persons involved in his loved ones' deaths. Jack is accompanied by Russian Intelligence Agent Ludvia Kerensky, whom he does not trust because of her previous associations with the KGB. After Ludvia protects Jack from the Romanian Secret Police, deceitful CIA agents, and industrial spies, she gains Jack's trust. Jack then discovers that Ludvia's primary Romanian connection is his most bitter enemy, the Prince of Simbata. Ludvia is confronted with choosing between Jack and the rich and powerful prince. The explosive ending of this novel reveals that the willingness to sacrifice one's life for faith and trust is more important than political ideologies and revenge. This spy/love story occurs in the beautiful, fledgling democracy of Romania, where the police and military are still...
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