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  David R Addleman

Shy Guy

246 страниц. 2011 год.
James Gearing, ex Navy Seal can handle just about anything. He works with Phil Westerling, Head Detective at Hadley & Emerson Detective Agency, as an investigator. Narrowly escaping a hail of bullets, Phil and James witness a daylight mob hit. To investigate, James assumes his role as the mysterious Man-in-Black, visiting his prey under cover of night. He meets his match in Max Roland, bodyguard for the mob boss behind the heist. but there's more to the case than local mob hoodlums. Soon, Phil, Max, and James are caught uup in a nationwide investigation reacing clear to The Commission, a covert group of three men controlling far reaching organizations. Their primary enforcer, the Ice Man, is feared throughout the crime world. James takes them all on without compunction. He worries more about having to talk to his beautiful boss, Cori Hadley. His pay is great, his job is exciting. If only he wasn't so shy around beautiful women. . . .
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