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  Angela Washington

Empty Halls

272 страниц. 2011 год.
Empty Halls deals with high school adolescents, and particularly that of the two main characters Susan Spencer and Tommy Morphy. Susan and Tommy represent a dichotomy. They view the world from different perspectives. Each indirectly impacts the other without their lives ever really touching. Susan is a feminine traditionalist--moderately dependent and somewhat needy. However, she is equal to the stresses of her world. Tommy is the paradigm of a disconcerted, unconventional male. Not terribly egotistical or macho and unfamiliar with life outside of a small southern town, eventually Tommy's diminished self-esteem leads him down a path of self-destruction. Tommy selectively avoids or escapes reality. Duval County, Florida is a microcosm for the characters. This miniature world erupts as Susan Spencer and Tommy Morphy collide , setting off a sudden and unparalleled explosion. Before there was a Columbine or a Virginia Tech, discover in this powerful and riveting...
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