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  B Schiff

Dominance Games: An Essay on Power A Novel

144 страниц. 2011 год.
Truth floats through gauzy mists. Cynicism is wrapped in soft cloth. There is fear, intimidation, loss. There is ecstasy, the traps of history, of identity, of territory, of belief. There is passion. There is wisdom. There are kills, histories with long roots, many mothers, unyielding fathers. There are neon lit nights and a strong dose of tough; memories, cold hard facts............ Mean and lust are tempo. There is myth. There are back alleys, dark places. Depression America. Mid century America. World Wars. Modern times. A panorama of decades............ Conflict urges towards damnation, urges towards the visceral thrills of the rewards of power. There is dismissiveness, domination, the fears of power, the traps of circumstance, of will, of cynicism, of want............ There is love and loss. Love and truth. Gain. Fashion. Wry, lucid, formidable, cowling experience. Mean and lust are tempo. Blood lust, general lust. Movement. Desire. There is opportunity. Human...
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