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  Jas Fiza

2nd Moon

156 страниц. 2011 год.
Today, Bhikhi Raj was looking very sad. He was silent and not talking as he usually did, when he talked so much. Rikhi Raj scoffed at him: a??What happened, man? Your mouth is shut and your face is dim.a?? Bhikhi Raj said, a??I am very confused today. I dona??t know any more the solution for my confusion, even.a?? Rikhi Raj said, a??Remove your confusion. But you have to open your mouth with a smile and to explain the reason for your confusion.a?? Bhikhi Raj said, a??Some people have deep faith in god and some are denying the existence of god. People are giving solid reasons and logic to prove their belief. There are wars in the name of god. Some are murdering people in the name of god. In spite of that, they are declaring themselves emissaries of god. Some are saying there is no god. They are giving solid reasons that if there is any god, then why...
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