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  James Lake

The Sophia Diary

124 страниц. 2011 год.
Any number of ancient Christian documents have been discovered over the past century, documents that bear witness to a religion that barely even resembles Christianity as we know it today. What if one of them mysteriously, and illegally, fell into your hands? That's the dilemma facing Dr. Justin Thomas, an internationally acclaimed researcher who's drawn into the intrigue surrounding a recently unearthed 4th century diary, the deeply moving testament of an idealistic young bishop who's being hunted as a heretic, simply because she's a woman, and a member of the Gnostic faith. Heart-rending, enlightening, and more than anything else uplifting, "The Sophia Diary" is a multi-layered story-within-a-story that offers a rare glimpse into the time when Rome officially sanctioned the Orthodox Catholic Church--and set out to destroy all the others. It could very well be described as a mystery, although it could just as well be described as a study in faith and redemption. For the true...
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