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  Roy Jenkins

Dirt Bike Ike: Pursuing the Dream

236 страниц. 2011 год.
Ike Hebert is a teenager with a dream: to become a champion motocross racer. But there are many obstacles to achieving it. He comes from a poor, single parent family, he has learning and social disabilities, and has no freinds or resources. In the last book, however, he teamed up with an experienced motocross racer who moved into his neighborhood from California, the beautiful Samantha Abernathy. He was also befriended by an outcast junkyard dealer, Victor Gonzales, who helped him restore a couple of old dirt bikes for use. Together they solved a crime that caused jealousy among the other students at Calais High, making them outcasts. In Pursuing the Dream, Ike and Sam team up again with Mr. Gonzales and his new mechanic, "Crip" Simon, a crippled war veteran who brings some tough love to rejuvanate Ike's dream and solve another crime. This time it's swamp pirates who are trying to take over Crip's Indian reservation. Join the crew as they solve the mystery, overcome many setbacks,...
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