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  Angela Darling


344 страниц. 2011 год.
When Marion Garver arrives at the Thorne mansion, her presence sets into motion a downward spiral of one of the most prominent families in Virginia. While her dear father lay dying, Marion's mother informs her that their desperate situation calls for an even more desperate measure. Her mother tells her she must assume a fake last name and accept a governess position with the Thornea??s, a mysterious family whose patriarch, Gabriel, is known around town for his taste in fine tobacco and his ferocious temper. Everyone suspects Gabriel may be responsible for his young wifea??s death years before. After delving further into the dark history of the family, Marion not only believes the suspicions but begins to unearth secrets of her own: why her mother made her assume a fake last name, what happened between her family and the Thornea??s years before, and even the true identity of Thornea??s eldest son, Loren. Armed with these disturbing truths, Marion must decide where to turn. ...
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