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  Jeffrey Morrow Miller

The Binding Returned: Volume 1 of 3 of Door, the first of the five Books of Time

554 страниц. 2011 год.
'Have you ever wondered what lies beyond?’ An innocent enough question, if you know what exists in your World. After 1000 years of stagnation orchestrated by the Immortal Nightlords, even the simplest of questions can provoke profound consequences. When the son of the High King of C’Holm arrives in Riversea to accept his exile, Hamish is once again prompted to return to the Highlands and accept his duty as Prince of Sarzana. He is already a year too old to undergo The Testing upon The Sacred Mountain, so he can put off his departure a few more weeks and accompany Falkyr Fhar’son as far as Roadsend, where they have both been invited to visit The Lady of The Silver Lake. Guide Navarra of The Covenant insinuates himself into their company, wishing to invite Falkyr to the Kingdoms to win the favor of his Nightlord Prince for his faith. The Lady sets a series of tests for Falkyr, in order to see if he is the one who can do something that has not been done in 1000 years. ...
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