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  David Kane


372 страниц. 2011 год.
In denial, two species from alien worlds face a similar future. Teachers with generations worth of training to fight the Darkness; first must fight the complacency and corruption of their own Sounders. Poseidon, a Master Teacher, must train two young Sounders, Quickfin and Silverfin, to posses that rare trait of greatness. Quickfin's genius precipitates a crisis unforeseen even by Poseidon, which leads them on a current of self-discovery. From youth to maturity the two young Sounders must become more then they thought they could be. To defeat the Darkness circumstance forces the Sounders to form an alliance with the Surfriders, a complex species similar to them, who are capable of both kindness and cruelty. In this battle Suzan, a Surfrider, learns about the battle of good and evil that exist in her world. She discovers a covert organization representing good, which has fought a losing battle for two decades. Can she, will she help?
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