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  Mark W Sasse, George Merusi, Emily Brokaw, Joyce Lou, Jacqueline Ashkin, Ciera Nash

Spy Blue: A Drama in Three Acts

106 страниц. 2011 год.
Spy Blue covers the life of agent Blue, a talented U.S. specialist who falls into a fateful relationship with Chinese counterpart Mayling. Blue decides to compromise his duty for her safety which sends him on a fifteen year journey to uncover the truth of her untimely disappearance. The truth behind his lovera??s fate becomes intertwined in his former partnera??s bid to become a U.S. Senator. The high-stakes game of politics and espionage comes to a crashing head as investigators close in on Blue, and Blue closes in on the truth a?? truth that is so much more personal than he ever could have imagined. The Collaborative Drama Writers are a small group of writers who have a passion for drama and creativity. We work collaboratively with the thought that the sum of all of our creativity will produce a superior work of drama which is fun, unique, and ultimately purposeful. Our dramas are created with live performances in mind and are suitable to be produced in a variety of...
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